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fnc. hope to see you here next week. >> jon: another big week in the news business. the president makes a rare appearance in the pressroom taking some tough questions on key issues. on syria: >> we would have to rethink the range of options that are available to us. >> jon: failures related to the boston bombing. >> the fbi performed its duties, homeland security did what it was supposed to be doing. >> jon: a key component of obama care. >> that's still a big complicated piece of business. >> jon: does he have the juice to battle congress? >> maybe i should just pack up and go home. >> jon: more details emerge about the attacks of benghazi. fox news beats all with insider exclusive. why are most in the media ignoring the scandal?
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the gruesome abortion doctor murder trial still in a major media blackout. but it's all out positive press over the decision to allow young girls ache access to the plan b abortion bill. and wall-to-wall coverage when a pro-basketball player tells the world he is gay. >> the tide of history is moving forward. >> jon: covering the coverage next on news watch. on the panel this week writer and fox news contributor judy miller. rich lowry, editor of the national review, jim pinkerton, contributing editor of the american conservative magazine and ellen rattner, talk radio news service bureau chief. i'm jon scott. fox news watch is on right now. in president you are 100 days into second term. on the gun bill you put everything into it to try to get it passed. obviously it didn't. congress has ignored your effort to try to get them
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to undue the sequester cuts, there was a bill that you threatened to veto that got 92 democrats in the house voting yes. so, my question to you is do you still have the juice to get the rest of your agenda through this congress? >> if you put it that way, jonathan, maybe i should just pack up and go home. golly. >> jon: president obama, a rare appearance there in the white house briefing room taking some tough questions from the press corps. jim, it was all kicked off by fox news chief white house correspondent ed henry who asked the president about his red line on libya how did the president do. >> i think the president had a very tough week. is he looking feckless on the syria, whatever you think of the syrian intervention -- and by the way i might add, anybody that thinks that the fbi and homeland security did fine on boston ought to -- be judged -- do you really want him managing your syria liberation operation. when you see dana milbank
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calling him a by stand in the past not lame duck but lame. most of the mainstream media agreed. remember, he has been reelected it's okay now to judge him a little more candidly. >> jon: along those lines on friday we learned that the associated press is saying that the department of homeland security is now saying that if you are going to have a student visa in the united states, you actually ought to be a student. that's one of the things that's going to be enforced. >> shocking. we remember that from the 9/11 commission report that was one of its recommendations. is to do something about the system where we don't know who is in our country and what they are supposedly doing here. look, i think the media finally caught up with the fact that this was a very unscripted performance by the president this week. and that more than that, he is not just passive. he was positively defensive. and everything was bad. problems were hard.
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tell us something we don't know, mr. president. >> it seems sometimes like the denver presidential debate, you know, set in the white house brady briefing room. here is some of the feedback from the press. "the washington post" dana mill banks said 100 days into his second term obama already lost control of the agenda. if he ever had control in the first place. he ricocheted through his news conference as he has through his presidency recently between issues and crises, not of his choice. cnn though had a very different take on it president barack obama confidently declared that his administration will get things done in washington. despite an atmosphere described as divided and politically dysfunctional. so which of those two descriptions do you agree with ellen? >> well, i was just about to go after the cnn one. i'm actually pretty critical of the media on this. and part of that is that it's always the networks
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that ask questions and a couple people did deal with that. there was some discussion about that. but nobody really focused on what kind of questions were asked and whether the president really has power or not power and how he is using it. and i mean, i'm pretty critical of that. but i think the media could have used it they all talked about his defensiveness or they gave him a kiss-up. very few people did a good analysis of that. >> jon: there was also criticism of the president's wishy washy answers. there are some -- you know, he is the president at&t all. >> there is the week when the dam broke and everybody acknowledged what the reality is. second term a facility. ultimately one the reality does matter and the media has to ache knock it on some level. media has to get tired of one narrative and the narrative of barack obama the hero from the election
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had gotten a little shop warn and also the media a huge herd mentality. so once dana milbank and maureen dowd is saying it there is a tendency among all the other liberal journalists to say well, it must be true. >> jon: on the issue of obama care being as senator max baucus called it a potential train wreck the "the washington post" called the president out on that this week writing that there were a variety of stories and reports and so forth suggesting that 10 million people may be in line to lose the healthcare that they have currently as a result of obama care. did that get covered? >> actually, it has. i mean, it hasn't necessarily connected to the president. but the politico and the hill have been doing stories all week about how the democrats are running away from the affordable care act and are worried about the 14 midterm elections and so on. i think the white house successful, it will all be kathleen sebelius' fault and the president will be able to focus on, you know,
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other important issues. >> but, look, we have 44 months left, right? so we can't exactly call him as peggy noonan a kind of quacking lame duck but and charles krauthammer said along comes immigration just when he seems to be failing. and next week we can claim credit for that even though we know as krauthammer pointed out that the victory is owed more to republicans losing the hispanic vote than the part of the leadership on the part of the president. the media's mean is going to turn. >> jon: then he went back to guantanamo bay which was one of the issues early from the first administration. >> yes. he blamed congress to some degree. i also, again, blame the media for not going after the length of his answers and the fact that there was not, as you said, questions answered. i mean, that's a little bit filibustering. >> jon: well, all right. >> i don't think the
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immigration thing. i'm sure richard agrees is not any kind of slam dunk at all. that could also amidst all this boston stuff on him too. >> jon: rich? >> one major legislative thing it seems absent other unforeseen events could happen. it went have anything to do with the president. have to i do doo with the president staying out of the way. >> jon: next on news watch. why are the media ignoring new details about what happened the night of the benghazi attack? >> they had the ability to react and respond. >> a special forces op. reveals more details about the benghazi attacks telling fox news that more could have been done. why aren't the rest of the media jumping on this story. answers next on news watch. is how like us these chimpanzees are. [ laughing ] [ woman ] can you hear me? and you hear your voice? oh, it's exciting! [ man ] touchdown confirmed. we're safe on mars.
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out of the situation. nobody knew how it was going to develop. you hear a whole bunch of people and advisors say hey we wouldn't have sent them there because the security was unknown situation. that's confidential source giving fox news more details about the situation during the attacks on the u.s. consulate during benghazi in september. attacks that killed our ambassador and three other americans. the revelations ignored by most of the media adam housley there had someone on the inside saying that the cia was putting out the request for some kind of assets, military assets if possible to respond to this attack and the white house and the state department never gave them the green light to go into deliberate i can't. why is the press not covering that. >> this is really astonishing. a lot of the other stories we are discussing this week problems eliminating obama care. boston bombings. at least the media is reporting about them. maybe they don't have the heat and intensity as they would if this t. were a republican administration. the media with the
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exception of fox news is not doing at that time all and has been content to accept what has clearly been the administration strategy all along stonewall on the important stuff. old news let's move on. >> i'm a lib but when the atlantic wires adam clark said that the networks should being taken and the writing should be taken with besomeone hole writes columns fox news and smart to take this all with a grain of salt. that is jealousy. >> when the president's spokesman gets up there and says benghazi happened seven months ago as if they just want it to disappear into the dustpan of history. >> how do you say chutzpa in washington washington? there must be a word down there. this administration has denied answering questions about benghazi that have been raised by fox news and a few other reporters and then says oh, well that was such a long time ago week have inspector general from
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the state department getting ready to investigate the blue ribbon panel supposedly going to answer these questions. what's going on? >> james rosen broke that story for fox news. >> i don't think this is fair to the mainstream media "the washington post." april 29th style section 8 pages and the hard copy on terrorism. that was investigation or actually a liquor call heroism of three people who broke into the oak ridge, tennessee nuclear facilities to protest atomic bombs. they were americans, protesting america. that got not benghazi, my mistake. [ laughter ] >> you can do both. >> jon: what about jay carney getting up there and dismissing any media concerns as sort of old news? >> well, this is a strategy any administration dealing with any scandal or any inconvenient story, it's the go-to strategy. it's textbook where you
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stonewall. you don't answer questions. and then you let the time pass and then you say it's old news. bill clinton, every single thing that came up in the clinton administration, this is what they do. they might release a lot of documents too to say look we have released 10,000 documents at the same time they haven't answered the important questions. >> jon: if there are new hearings and there are, congress is going to be starting some new hearings this week. are they going to be taken seriously? are they going to get media attention? >> i would hope. so i would think actually now for whatever reason it has risen to the attention, it has boiled that pot so that people are paying attention. >> why hasn't it taken so long? >> because this issue has become political. and the fact that the death of an american ambassador and other brave americans serving in the field is regarded as something that has become a republican, democratic issue is lamentable and says a great deal about the social media. >> media gets coverage one way or the other. that again is what makes this so exceptional. you have republicans backing on about it.
11:46 am
and it's happening. >> it's been delegitimized as a news issue because it's political. >> jon: next on news watch. a liberal media agenda on full display. >> the murder trial of an abortion doctor revealing gruesome details. a controversial decision allowing young girls access to the plan b abortion pill. which story received more media coverage? find out next on news watch.
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>> we're at a cross road sons and daughters, men and women who were brought to this country about 400 years ago. our government has acknowledged that it has done a wrong as it is about to continue to pay up for that or those acts of
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discrimination. but there is a lot of work to do. the government has acknowledged that it has set aside billions of dollars. in the millions but billions. tom tom that's thomas burrell president of the black farmers and -- according to the national review he has been a onep for n of racial grievances of the federal government dishing out billions of dollars, the payouts stem from a class action suit now known as pigford. the "new york times" ran a story about the pigford payments citing they have become a run away train driven by racial politics. pressure from influential members of congress and law firms that stand to gain more than 130 million in fees. rich, this is not a new story. >> it's not. it came to attention first when the late andrew breitbart was involved the conflict with shirley sherrod and andrew got his
11:51 am
teeth into this pigford story and banging the drums on it and most of left was rolling the eyes saying he was crazy or making it up. there wasn't any mainstream media interest at all. then you had the "new york times" doing a 5,000 word piece on this. basically says that andrew breitbart was right in everything he was saying about the injustices and fraud involved in this case. of the two things interesting here, jon, one, it goes to the "new york times," although i'm not fan. what it really digs its teeth into something extraordinary journalism. this piece was just that cultural power. all the same liberal bloggers that treated andrew by breitbart as he was crazy. now they say it was true. >> jon: judy nodding her head. >> posthumous vindication for bright breitbart. he throws out a story. the "new york times" looks
11:52 am
at it and does its own version. the truth comes out. this is a good news story. >> i think that's absolutely true. to know what's news you have got to read the write and the right and of the left. i have to give kudos to the national review because they do quote kevin drum from mother jones in your article. >> fair minded people. >> breitbart, too high or too low. i thought that was very very helpful. >> jon: the "new york times" usually leads the liberal media. >> rich's point is extremely right. after years of saying breitbart was crazy, he was wrong, he is wicked and so on, that even gawker admits that he was right. once the "new york times" declares it the media just shifts. they take their cue from them even now in this age of fragmented media. >> jon: we're talking about billions of dollars of our money, tax money, that's being paid to people apparently unnecessarily. >> about $4.5 billion. and the sad thing about it is thomas burrell is not that far from the truth.
11:53 am
basically. more or less show up with any past claim and get $50,000. a lot of people have been able to do that. >> jon: let's move on to media double standard now. the murder trial of abortion doctor kermit gosnell is now in the hands of the jury. the decision of the fda to allow 15-year-old girls access to over-the-counter plan b abortion pills. what about it, jim. the media is still not really giving the gosnell murder trial its due. >> right, the media research center calculated out that abc news, for example, has done 41 other stories on crime for 109 minutes and still zero on the gosnell case. >> jon: why? >> well, as we talked about last week, i think it's a combination of the media are pro-choice and the story is difficult and challenging. it really is hard to get people to sit still and watch or read about any detail. as rich said in a piece on this case, if you talk
11:54 am
about abortion you have to mention the word abortion. then you have to think about what abortion is and the media don't want to go there. >> jon: the media does want to write about plan b. it's being applauded that decision? >> it depends on your political outlook on whether or not it's being applauded. we also had the decision by the obama administration to challenge that judge's ruling this week on another contraception issue. i mean, look, i think that i want to give a shoutout to kirsten powers who has stuck with this story and has been a kind of conscience media. >> jon: talking about gosnell. >> exactly. she stayed with it and said this is modern and you can be pro-contraception and still cover this case. >> jon: all right. more news watch in a moment. what one story caused a collective cheer by the media this week. the answer next on news watch. [ chirp ] all good? [ chirp ] getty up.
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>>. >> jon: we'll warm moment between two of msnbc's personalities. we thought about running a quick caption contest, it's like shooting fish in a barrel. it's too easy. we have this, one of the biggest stories this week, jason collins is gay. n.b.a. center came out on the cover of sports illustrated and the media seems to be enthralled. ellen? >> frankly, i think the media is very sexist. there have been women that have been out, professional
11:59 am
ballplayers, martina navratilova leted way but they don't care about that, no. they care about the one man that came out. >> jon: eric brusard, the n.b.a. analyst came out and said he doesn't think that being gay is please go to god. he got hammered in the media. >> that was a mistake. [ laughter ] >> for him to do that. >> compare that to tim debow being pulled this week. but this when you get a call from the president congratulating on a sexual choice, i found it bizarre. >> jon: and tweet from michelle obama. >> you know you hit the billing time when you get a michelle obama tweet. >> jon: thanks to our panelists. i'm jon scott. thanks for watching.
12:00 pm
keep it right here on fox news channel. we'll see you next week for another edition of fox news watch. >> gregg: fox news alert on benghazi terror attack, the names of so-called whistleblowers that know a lot more about the raid have been under raps until now. i'm gregg jarrett and welcome to a brand-new hour inside america's news headquarters. >> heather: i'm heather childers. the state department employee stepping out of the shadows and into the spotlight. now learning the names of those that will testify in a highly anticipated congressional hearing next week. whistleblowers go provide new information on the attack on what went down during that night of terror when gunmen stormed the con
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